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With experience comes wisdom. We know which media works best for each study.  The result? We save you time and money. We have thousands of ads we can customize to fit your study and your market. We can work with you to get them approved with the IRB as well as the sponsor. We know which words you can use and which words you can’t, so the approval process is smooth.  Plus, we’re accustomed to working under strict deadlines and budgets to ensure results.

Xtreme Recruitment delivers.  We understand media and how to develop attention-grabbing messaging.  We maintain an in-​depth tracking mechanism for your research site, so you know which media delivers the best results for the least amount of money. We assign a dollar value to each patient for every study and work to stay within those parameters.


  • Banner Ads

  • Pay Per Click

  • Social Media Ads

  • Blogger

  • Email


  • Radio

  • Television


  • Newspaper

  • Direct Mail

  • Magazine

  • Outdoor

  • Transit

  • Billboard

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