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We understand that each clinical study needs to be filled sooner than later. We also know that other clinical study sites in your area will be recruiting for the same study and protocol. At Xtreme Recruitment, 80 percent of the studies we’re involved with have reached their enrollment goals before the end-date projection. We know that the quicker you enroll a subject, the better it is for you and your sponsor. We have worked with over 10,000 studies since 1988.  Over that time period, we have maintained extensive data on which clinical studies work best for radio, TV, print, direct mail, social media and web-based marketing.

Simply stated, we are able to save you money by implementing proven methods to fill your study. Xtreme Recruitment has worked with a variety of sites in all parts of the country.  These sites have been involved with studies that needed as few as eight patients and as many as 540. What’s more, these studies occurred over time periods that ranged from four weeks to 18 months.

We have extensive market research for each city at our fingertips.  This allows us to know your market inside and out. As a result, we are able to provide efficient and economical media plans based on your budgets and media and frequency needs.

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